ThorCoin Pool
posted 08/10/2020 04:15:24 by Cminor

Cminor's Pools

Hello Welcome Everyone

Registration is required sign up here

Quick start mining
1. Login goto my account/edit account
2. Add a payment address, Thorcoin wallet address
3. Set automatic payout threshold to 1, payments hourly
4. Complete other details enter pin and click update account

5. Goto my workers add a worker

6. Pool stratum url located in help/getting started tab

7. Input details into miner hardware/software

8. Start mining!

E.g.     Connection            Worker                Password

1.           Url:port           Cminor.miner          7657667

2.           Url:port               Cminor.1             jfiogjrre

Contact/Support: Discord: apps

Low- variable diff port: 30001 cpu/gpu miners

High- variable diff port: 30002 asic miners

Hi, there is a 10 minute delay, blocks need to fully confirm before they will show in frontend stats. Thanks